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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Last Gasp Goal Earns Gifu Share of Honours

A near full-strength Grampus only manage a 1-1 draw against J2 neighbours Gifu in today's preseason showdown. (Aussie striker Josh Kennedy is away with the Australian squad ahead of their Asian Cup qualifier on Wednesday.) An early Keiji Tamada goal being cancelled out three minutes into injury time by Nishikawa.

Richy over at Forza FC Gifu has a report on this game. His summary of the game, which I was unable to attend due to other commitments, was:
Nagoya (with Kennedy the only big omission), really dominated the first half. Gifu had about two chances but Nagoya were just too good. Tamada dribbled in a nice goal. In the second half though, from the outset, Gifu came in more determined, and while still outplayed, they put in a few more shots, whereas Grampus seemed to be sitting back on their lead. Gifu scored a nice goal through Nishikawa in overtime, and we were understandable really stoked!
Nagoya seemed to be treating this as just a training match, and although the talent and skill of the team was undeniably higher, and they could have probably won about 4-0, I guess it's to Gifu's credit that they kept plugging away till the end and got a result for themselves.

nagoyagrampus-s.gif Grampus11 fcgifu-s.gif
FC Gifu
P. No. Name Name No. P.
GK 1 Seigo Narazaki Kyohei Noda (Tatsuya Murao 83) 1 GK
DF 32 Hayuma Tanaka (Akira Takeuchi 67) Shinji Tominari (Yasutaka Nomoto 68) 19 DF
DF 4 Tulio Kazunori Yoshimoto 3 DF
DF 3 Takahiro Masukawa (Mitsuru Chiyotanda 67) Hideyoshi Akita (Shuto Tanaka 73) 6 DF
DF 6 Shohei Abe (Alex Santos 59) Shun Nogaito 17 DF
MF 20 Keiji Yoshimura (Danilson HT) Suguru Hashimoto 23 MF
MF 9 Igor Burzanovic (Naoshi Nakamura 63) Tomohiro Yamauchi (Shogo Shimada 73) 20 MF
MF 8 Magnum Yudai Nishikawa 16 MF
MF 25 Mu Kanazaki Kazunori Kan 7 MF
FW 11 Keiji Tamada (Yoshizumi Ogawa 63) Yuki Oshitani 27 FW
FW 16 Yuki Maki Koichi Sato (Kazuki Someya 83) 18 FW

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