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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Countdown Begins...

In what maybe bad news for Gamba Osaka fans, Japan duly crashed to a 3-1 defeat to South Korea to finish third in the 4-team East Asian Championship. An entirely predictable result given the uninspired starting lineup Takeshi Okada sent out.

Will the pleasant but ineffective manager be allowed to lead Japan to another ignominious World Cup disaster? Not if the JFA has any sense. After all, this is a manager who quit football management for a career giving lectures on his sport. Something better suited to the affable and well-educated Okada. His return after Osim was struck down by a stroke should have been temporary until the JFA found a permanent and more experienced replacement. Now they are stuck with inept manager out of his depth again. Unfortunately, common sense is not the JFA's forte, so Oka-chan is probably safe until the inevitable disgrace. A loss to Asian minnows Bahrain in March, however, could see even the bumpkins at JFA House realise the futility of the current situation.

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