Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Pixie for Grampus (or Japan)?

Some of the Japanese newspapers seem to think that Dragan "Pixie" Stojkovic could be a possibility to stand in for the ailing Osim. I am not convinced about Pixie as a manager for Grampus, let alone Japan. He showed little inclination to coach the players around him when he was a player at Nagoya, unlike Dunga at Jubilo Iwata. He often just threw a tantrum when players failed to read situations, just like Dunga. :-) Would the JFA really go for an inexperienced and temperamental coach? Surely, Okada or Nishino would be better choices for Japan.

On the other hand, Nagoya have been bringing on youngsters over the last couple of year. (18 y.o. rookie Maya Yoshida has started the last three or four games and several other games this season, and another graduate of last years U-18 team, GK Hasegawa has been on the bench several times.) Under Sef and Dwight, the team has looked too concerned with organization, but Pixie maybe be able to instill some much needed adventure and flair from some of the more talented players, such as Honda and Nakamura. My impression from reports about Stojkovic not having the requisite J.League license, was that the club was using this as an excuse. If they feel the JFA would consider him, they may give him a chance at Grampus. While it would be a bit of a gamble appointing Pixie as manager, with the right assistant at his side he could prove surprisingly successful.