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Monday, 22 February 2010

Kansai Roundup: Cerezo Update


This is the final in our series of updates on the transfers in and out of our local teams in Kansai (as of Feb 22). Of course the biggest (and best) news for Cerezo fans was a transfer that did not occur. This was Shinji Kagawa opting to prove himself in J1 before considering a move overseas.

DF: Takahiro Ogihara (Promoted from Cerezo U-18s) FW: Akinori Nishizawa (Retired)
FW: Ryo Nagai (Promoted from Cerezo U-18s) GK: Masahito Suzuki (Retired)
GK: Kenjiro Ogino (From Mineyama High School, Kyoto) DF: Kenjiro Ezoe (Loan to Kataller Toyama)
FW: Daisuke Takahashi (Full transfer from Oita Trinita) FW: Takuya Kokeguchi (Full transfer to Kataller Toyama)
DF: Taikai Uemoto (Full transfer from Oita Trinita) DF: Thiago (Released)
GK: Kenya Matsui (Full transfer from Jubilo Iwata) MF: Yuji Funayama (Returning to Kashima Antlers after loan)
DF: Teruyuki Moniwa (Full transfer from FC Tokyo) GK: Daisuke Tada (Loan to Omiya Ardija)
DF: Naoya Ishigami (Full transfer, after loan, from Kashima Antlers) FW: Kento Shiratani (Loan to Mito Hollyhock)
FW: Ryuji Bando (Full transfer from Gamba Osaka) DF: Takashi Hirajima (Full transfer to Tokushima Vortis)
MF: Hiroshi Kiyotake (Full transfer from Oita Trinita) DF: Akihiro Sakata (Full transfer to Shonan Bellmare, after loan to same)
MF: Akihiro Ienaga (Loan from Gamba Osaka) MF: Bruno (Loan expired)
MF: Amaral (Full transfer from Vasco da Gama, Brazil.) MF: Kaio (Loan expired.)
FW: Adriano (Loan from Internacional, Brazil. ) *FW: Kim Bo-Kyung (Loan to Oita Trinita)
*MF: Takeshi Hamada (Full transfer to Tokushima Vortis)

* Updated info.

1 comment:

Alan said...

Moniwa could be a good "in" and Ienaga COULD be a superb player if he puts his mind to it - still waiting! Bando will always give 100%, and Kagawa is staying (for now) ... looks reasonable for Cerezo!