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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Grampus Romp to 6-0 Win Over Fukuoka

In the second practice game of their training camp, Nagoya coasted to a 6-0 over Fukuoka University on Wednesday. They had beaten a high school team earlier in the week, a game in which Josh Kennedy and Yuki Maki did most of the damage. Not surprisingly, most the starters from that match were rested or given a limited run out against Fukuoka.

Although these practice games offer little insight into how the team will play come the start of the season, it is an opportunity for players to stake their claim in the core of the squad. With Narazaki, Tulio, Kanazaki and Tamada all away with the Japan national team, the competition for places even on the subs bench will be tough this year.

1st Half Grampus
GK: Yoshinari Takagi (Koji Nishimura HT)
DF: Hayuma Tanaka (Gishi U-18s HT), Akira Tekeuchi (Tatsuya Arai HT), Mitsuru Chiyotanda, Shohei Abe
MF: Naoshi Nakamura, Shinta Fukushima, Keiji Yoshimura, Magnum
FW: Keita Sugimoto, Yuki Maki
Scorers: Chiyotanda 17, Sugimoto 25, 43

2nd Half Grampus
GK: Koji Nishimura
DF: Hikaru Kishi [U-18s] (Ryota Isomura 69), Tatsuya Arai, Genta Matsuo, Academy Student A
MF: Sho Hanai, Danilson (Yoshizumi Ogawa 69), Academy Student B, Taishi Taguchi
FW: Koji Hasimoto, Igor Burzanovic (Hikaru Kuba 69)
Scorers: Academy Student 49, Taguchi 57, Hashimoto 61

Some photos from this practice game can be found on the club's Japanese site.

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