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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Narazaki J.League MVP

Grampus custodian Seigo Narazaki was officially selected as the League MVP at the J.League Awards last night. No surprise, since his fine performances in several games was vital to our title run. The League's official (3-5-2) Best Eleven is as shown below.

GK: Seigo Narazaki (Grampus)
DF: Tulio (Grampus)
DF: Takahiro Masukawa (Grampus)
DF: Tomoaki Makino (Sanfrecce)
MF: Kengo Nakamura (Frontale)
MF: Marcio Richardes (Albirex)
MF: Kengo Fujimoto (S-Pulse)
MF: Danilson (Grampus)
MF: Yasuhito Endo (Gamba)
FW: Ryoichi Maeda (Jubilo)
FW: Josh Kennedy (Grampus)

At least Endo takes his rightful place in the eleven, although Ienga can feel a bit aggrieved that the overrated Kengo Nakamura despite Cerezo finishing 6 points ahead of Frontale. Personally, I think the j3PLUS eleven listed yesterday was a more thoughtful selection.


Tiago Bontempo said...

Why did they choose the best 11 in a 3-5-2 formation? It's because they think there are 3 good central defenders and not too many good full-backs?

Anyway, congratulations to Narazaki!

Red Orca said...

They could easily have done 4-4-2, apart from Hayuma Tanaka and Shohei Abe at Grampus, Gamba's Yasuda is a good wing back. But, yes there are probably more good centre backs. Makino, Tulio, Moniwa, Nakazawa and Kurihara all spring to mind, but not gentle giant Masukawa. :-)