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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Countdown to Emperor's Cup Clash

Merry Christmas to you all!

It is now only a few hours to the Emperor's Cup quarter-final game against Kashima.
It will be interesting to see who plays. Tulio, Josh Kennedy, Danilson and Magnum will all be absent, so it will be a good test of our depth, especially if we come away from Kashima Stadium with another win. Time for some Christmas firecrackers from Mu Kanazaki and Keiji Tamada, me thinks.


Tiago Bontempo said...


Any hint on how can I watch this game (or any other from Japan)? Just live text updates would be fine.

Thank you and good luck, Nagoya!

Red Orca said...

Unfortunately, there is unlikely to be anything in English. Even real-time Japanese updates are hard to come by for the Emp Cup. Your best best is likely to be the club's site, but that is only in Japanese.
(Click on the "Latest Match Result" box, already listing the starting lineups.)