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Saturday, 4 December 2010

I Believe in Miracles...

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... you sexy things Kyoto. Thank you. Jay and Alan will be delirious for weeks.

For those who weren't glued to the results, maybe like me you were listening to Radio 4's TMS as we mangle the Aussies again, Kyoto eased past the Gasmen 2-0 to send them crashing into J1, and the Saitama Chokers collapsed again, allowing Vissel to romp to a 4-0 away win. I am sorry to see FC Tokyo go down, they are a better team than that, but rather them than Kobe.

Meanwhile, over at Toyota Stadium, Josh Kennedy bagged one of our two goals that saw us set a new record of 23 wins in a season, and finish joint top scorer for the season. Do he and Maeda get one golden boot each? :-)

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