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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Naruto Otsuka Sports (PocariSweat) Stadium (Tokushima Vortis)

The J.League official site has a brief outline of Vortis and their stadium in English, but we aim to add some additional information.


Pocarisweat Stadium (formerly Naruto Athletic Stadium) is found in Otsuka Sports Park near the center of Naruto. (Yes, this is how they have chosen to spell the name. Not sure if the fault lies with Pocari or the League.)

Nearby places to eat or stay

For those of you who have time for a more leisurely trip to Naruto, I recommend the Renaissance Naruto Resort. This is an excellent spa hotel (with good restaurants), a short hop across the Onaruto Bridge from Awaji Island. (Although, I would try and avoid the peak summer season (June to August) when they are very busy, and their rates go up accordingly.)

Hotel and spa: Renaissance Naruto Resort

Pocarisweat Stadium is about 20 minutes from this hotel, by car or taxi. There is also a bus service from in front of the hotel. (Masochists can take a bike, but it is likely to take about an hour and you have to traverse a narrow, wind-swept bridge to get to Otsuka Sports Park, where the stadium is located.)

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