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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Cerezo Romp Past Witless Chumps


Cerezo Osaka 2 - 1 Kashima Antlers

After a fairly even and intriguing first half, the Osakans skipped past the reigning j1 champs at Nagai Stadium this afternoon. The lackluster Antlers came out for the second half looking even lazier and more disinterested in the contest then they had in the first. At least in the first half it had looked like Cerezo's speed in closing down the ineffective midfield was what had prevented the champions from gaining the upper hand.

The second half was a different story, and the home team was the only team that looked like winning. Gamba loanee Ienaga had already wasted a couple of good opportunities with a couple of unconvincing shots, before Shinji Kagawa showed how it should be done. Curling in a neat shot that beat the outwitted Sogahata, who flapped tamely at a shot he should really have tipped wide. The hapless keeper then capped generally poor performance by gifting Osaka the winner with his gormless distribution. Cerezo forward Amaral making no mistake after pouncing on the inept ball out of the area and firing past the stranded keeper.

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