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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Vissel Sink into Relegation Zone

Although the team put in a much improved performance for Masahiro Wada's second game in charge, Kobe fall into the relegation zone as JEF get an unlikely point. Despite the failure to get three point from this game, we saw indications that the team should be able to climb back up the table and escape danger. With half the season left to go, there is no need for the team to panic, and should be able to play itself out of trouble.

The main surprise in Wada's team selection was the inclusion of Miyamoto in a midfield role. The former national team captain looked comfortable in this role, and it leaves a apace for the more agile Komoto in the centre of defense. (Tsune's lack of speed can prove to be a liability, no matter how much experience and guile he brings to the back line.) And it it was a Miyamoto pass that helped start the move that lead to Park's well-taken goal towards the end of the first half. JEF have the heroics of 'keeper Okamoto to thank for keeping them in the game.

JEF United Chiba
Masahiro Okamoto
Masataka Sakamoto, Yohei Fukumoto, Bosnar, Takumi Wada
Yohei Kudo, Naoya Saeki (Tsukasa Masuyama 60), Ryota Aoki, Tatsuya Yazawa
Seiichiro Maki, Masaki Fukai
Scorer: Yazawa 68

Tatsuya Enomoto
Yosuke Ishibitsu, Kunie Kitamoto, Hiroyuki Komoto, Toshihiko Uchiyama
Park Kang Jo, Botti, Tsuneysu Miyamoto, Seiji Koga (Akihito Kusunose 76)
Kazuki Ganaha (Hiroto Mogi 83), Yoshito Okubo
Scorer: Park 39

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