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Monday, 6 July 2009

Masaya and Pixie Emerge Victorious in Tough Test of Character

The Nagoya manager was forced to employ young side-back Masaya Sato in an unfamiliar central defensive position against Gamba last night. The youngster emerged on the winning side, in his first league start for the club. A result that suggests that Masaya should get to start when he does play, rather than come on as a substitute.

It would certainly be easier for Sato to start games, rather than have to adjust to the pace of a game when coming on midway through the game, and he has certainly earned the right to get occasional starts to gain experience. Although he is a side-back, he first and foremost needs to be able to defend. If he can gain that experience as an occasional central defender, it should stand the team in good stead later in the season when the tough schedule demands that Pixie juggle the defensive lineup.

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