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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Gasmen Wallop Grampus

FC Tokyo extended their current dominance over a dispirited Grampus with a 5-1 thrashing in tonight's Nabsico Cup game at Ajinomoto Stadium. :-)

Unfortunately, the soon to be departed Davi started the game and was not replaced until half time. By which time, a shell-shocked team was already 4-0 down to the rampant Gasmen. It will require a spectacular debut by Joshua Kennedy to lift the team's spirits.

FV Tokyo
Shuichi Gonda
Yuhei Tokunaga, Bruno Quadros, Yasuyuki Konno, Yuto Nagatomo
Takuji Yonemoto (Tatsuya Suzuki 68), Yohei Kajiyama, Naohiro Ishikawa (Sotan Tanabe 72), Naotake Hanyu
Cabore (Shingo Akamine HT), Sota Hirayama
Scorers: Hirayama 3, Yonemoto 10, Ishikawa 11, Nagatomo 26, OG 75

Koji Nishimura
Hayuma Tanaka, Akira Takeuchi, Takahiro Masukawa, Masaya Sato
Yoshizumi Ogawa, Naoshi Nakamura, Keiji Yoshimura (Kei Yamaguchi 61), Magnum
Keita Sugimoto (Tomohiro Tsuda 70), Davi (Keiji Tamada HT)
Scorer: Ogawa 53

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1 comment:

dokool said...

How did Davi even start? Shouldn't he have been suspended for the 4th yellow card? Or is that for Saturday...

Anyway I felt bad for your supporters, coming out all that way to see a total ass-kicking. Any chance there are photos of the banner that Nagoya supporters hung behind the goal floating around? The traditional white-with-black-spraypaint-message variety... I couldn't read it from behind our goal.