Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Grampus Lose Ground on Leaders

With both Keiji Tamada and Josh Kennedy missing, Nagoya were no match for the home team as they lost their game in hand. This was another dull performance, from what should be an attacking formation, time for Pixie to reassess his tactics, since without the lanky Aussie up front we look lost.

It was a shame we did not get to see Hikaru play, despite making it into the senior squad for the first time. Unlike Maki and Magnum, at least Kuba claims to understand his role in the manager's 4-3-3 system. Elsewhere, it was good to see Chiyotanda and Danilson get their first starts.

However, apart from the early games against Gamba and Frontale, we have not looked good this season. Let's hope some of the other players start to understand their roles in Stojkovic's system, or this could indeed be his final year in charge. (Hs is the last year of a 3-year contract.) That would be a shame since he has clearly taken the team in the right direction, but seems to have lost his inspirational effect, at least temporarily.

Sanfrecce 1 0 Grampus
Starters Starters
P. No. Name Name No. P.
GK 21 Shusaku Nishikawa yellow.gif Seigo Narazaki 1 GK
DF 24 Ryota Morisawa Hayuma Tanaka 32 DF
DF 35 Koji Nakajima Mitsuru Chiyotanda 3 DF
DF 5 Tomoaki Makino Tulio yellow.gif 4 DF
MF 19 Satoru Yamagishi (OUT 81') Shohei Abe 6 DF
MF 22 Tsubasa Yokotake Danilson yellow.gif (OUT 61') 20 MF
MF 7 Koji Morisaki Yoshizumi Ogawa (OUT 82') 10 MF
MF 17 Kota Hattori Igor Burzanovic (OUT 74') 9 MF
MF 33 Masato Yamazaki Mu Kanazaki 25 FW
MF 13 Issei Takayanagi (OUT 71') Yuki Maki 17 FW
MF 11 Hisato Sato Magnum yellow.gif 8 FW
Subs Bench Subs Bench
GK 34 Hiroshige Nakabayashi Koji Nishimura 21 GK
MF 20 Shinichiro Kuwata Takahiro Masukawa 5 DF
MF 23 Hironori Ishikawa Alex Santos 38 MF
MF 25 Junya Osaki Naoshi Nakamura yellow.gif 7 MF
MF 27 Junpei Shimizu Keiji Yoshimura 14 MF
FW 28 Takuya Marutani Hikaru Kuba 29 FW
FW 9 Tadanari Lee Keita Sugimoto 19 FW

Sato 88'


Sanfrecce Hiroshima



yellow.gif Card Danilson 29'

yellow.gif Card Magnum 38'
Substitution Danilson > Nakamura 61'

yellow.gif Card Tulio 65'

yellow.gif Card Nakamura 75'
Yamagishi > Lee 71' Substitution
Substitution Burzanovic > Yoshimura 74'
Nishikawa 77' yellow.gif Card
Yamagishi > Ishikawa 81' Substitution
Substitution Ogawa > Sugimoto 82'
Sato 88' Goal
Yamazaki > Kuwata 88' Substitution

Morisaki 90' yellow.gif Card


Ben said...

where is kennedy?

Red Orca said...

Out with a bad back (again). Nothing too serious, and he will probably be in the squad for Sunday's game.