Sunday, 25 April 2010

Grampus Cruise to Comfortable Win in Nagai...


... well, not quite. They had control of possession for much of the game, but were never able to dominate and only emerged narrow 1-0 winners. Cerezo held their own, and often looked more purposeful in their build-ups, with their crisp passing moves getting the ball forward fare more effectively than our rather ponderous efforts.


Grampus got off to a bad start when Magnum pulled lame within five minutes of the start. Pixie quickly had Ogawa warming up and the former Rookie of the Year was soon on the field in place of the injury-prone Brazilian. Fortunately, despite Josh Kennedy still not being fully recovered from his back injury, Keiji Tamada was back in the starting lineup. ALthough the Japan international looked a bit rusty, and continues to look more useful as an attacking midfielder than a striker, he frequently unsettled the Cerezo defence.

Ultimately this game came down to the quality of the 'keepers. Kim had a good game and made one outstanding save early in the first half. However, Narazaki was in imperious form stopping all of Cerezo's efforts that found the target, including a couple of World Class saves again.

Cerezo 0 1 Grampus
Starters Starters
P. No. Name Name No. P.
GK 21 Kim Jin Hyeon Seigo Narazaki 1 GK
DF 2 Kenji Haneda yellow.gif Hayuma Tanaka 32 DF
DF 3 Teruyuki Moniwa yellow.gif Takahiro Masukawa 5 DF
DF 22 Taikai Uemoto Tulio 4 DF
MF 20 Daisuke Takahashi Shohei Abe 6 DF
MF 6 Amaral Naoshi Nakamura 20 MF
MF 14 Akihiro Ienaga Alex Santos yellow.gif (OUT 68') 10 MF
MF 16 Hiroyuki Omata (OUT 90') Igor Burzanovic yellow.gif (OUT 79') 9 MF
MF 7 Takashi Inui (OUT 90') Mu Kanazaki 25 FW
MF 7 Shinji Kagawa Keiji Tamada 17 FW
FW 11 Ryuji Bando (OUT 71') Magnum (OUT 8') 8 FW
Subs Bench Subs Bench
GK 1 Kenya Matsui Koji Nishimura 21 GK
DF 4 Kota Fujimoto Akira Takeuchi 2 DF
MF 17 Noriyuki Sakemoto Mitsuru Chiyotanda 3 DF
MF 28 Yusuke Maruhashi Yoshizumi Ogawa 10 MF
MF 19 Naoya Ishigami Keiji Yoshimura 14 MF
MF 25 Masato Kurogi Danilson 20 MF
FW 15 Rui Komatsu Yuki Maki 17 FW


Tamada 90+1' (Amaral OG?)

Cerezo Osaka



Substitution Magnum > Ogawa 8' (Hamstring injury again)
yellow.gif Card Burzanovic 13'

yellow.gif Card Santos 51'
Substitution Santos > Yoshimura 68'
Bando > Komatsu 71' Substitution
Moniwa 74' yellow.gif Card
Substitution Burzanovic > Maki 79'
Haneda 85' yellow.gif Card
Omata > Maruhashi 90' Substitution
Inui > Ishigami 90' Substitution
GOAL Tamada 90+1'

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