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Monday, 3 August 2009

Vissel Grab Three Vital Points

Peter again gives us the run down on Vissel. This time a vital 'six-pointer' clash at Kashiwa. (Shintaro Kano at the Gomiuri also has some words about this contest.)

Team: Enomoto; Kondou, Koumoto, Kitamoto, Matsuoka; Yoshito, Kim Nan-il, Miyamoto, Kouga; Botti, Mogi.

Lots of changes and experiment. Gakuto Kondou is a player who joined Vissel a couple of years ago after being a professional surfer in Aichi Prefecture. Matsuoka usually thought of as a forward midfielder at wide-back. Yoshito withdrawn to the midfield, Botti up front. Miyamoto still in midfield.

Reysol no.5, Kouga, carried off after falling awkwardly after a very high jump--replaced by no.2, Kamata. Soon afterwards, Yoshito gets a yellow card. 20 mins gone.

25 mins gone. Relegation battle. Pretty fiery. Kashiwa diving a lot, but seem to have a slight edge. Reysol really have a lot of Italian-type play actors. Make a fuss about anything.

At times Vissel seem to be playing 4-3-3 with Yoshito wide right and Botti in the centre of the front three; but Mogi too wandering all over the place.

Kouga just had a very long, very hopeful but very good shot saved by the goalie (34').

Reysol have the edge because they're closing down Vissel a bit faster than vice-versa; but a close game.

Vissel just had a let off--a terrific volley from a centre cleared the bar by about 1cm. (38')

Reysol Outani carried off after tackle on Kouga. Vissel corner, eventually cleared Now Kim Nan-il in trouble, carried off. Outani returns. 44'. Kim back 45' - 3 mins added.

Reysol just had a let off as Yoshito got in couldn't touch it first time and there followed a scramble, but Yoshito couldn't squeeze it in. Well blocked by a defender. (47')

Just before the whistle Kouga misses a sitter, hitting it into the ground and over the bar.

Nothing notable really worth adding. Nobody obviously dreadful or obviously good!

57' - Kouga out,

65' - after a fierce, accurate shot by Kim was deflected wide for a corner, Koumoto scored a good headed goal directfrom the corner.

Enomoto just made a good save from a volley. Corner headed over. 67'

Vissel now playing a lot of possession and seem to have the edge, but Reysol still occasionally dangerous. 73'

Miyamoto out, Alan Bahia in - 75' Sorry I missed who came on for Kouga, and it's Kusunose.

A Vissel guy down Immediately after Alan Bahia came on. OK.

Vissel playing a bit too defensively now, I think. Kondou carried off, but doesn't look too unhappy. Kondou is a feisty player.

Kondou out, Ishibitsu in. 84'

Yoshito won a free-kick but is now limping.

Mogi nearly got to a back pass. 89'

91' dangerous free-kick on edge of area given away by Mogi--over the top. Phew!

Yoshito limping.


A scrappy game, lacking in the finer points. Reysol had the edge in fire; Vissel, in class. Yoshito looked the classiest player on the pitch. Koumoto took his goal well. Gakuto didn't let the side down. Enomoto made one very important save, after Kitamoto failed to get in a block--but Kitamoto didn't look quite so bad against this level of opposition, or perhaps just had a better game.

In this game the result was the only thing that counted--and it was the right one!


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