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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Igor and Alex Make Debuts in Win over S-Pulse

In a practice game versus Shimizu S-Pulse at Nihondaira Stadium, on Saturday, both our new signings made their debuts in a Grampus shirt. Although Nagoya emerged victorious from the encounter, this match was most interesting for what it told us about how the new recruits are likely to be used.

Alex (Santos) started the game at left back, but switched to midfield when Shohei Abe was introduced at half time. Meanwhile Igor Burzanovic, nominally a midfielder, was listed as a forward, with Keiji Tamada in midfield. In practice, however, both Tamada and Burzanovic played as attacking midfielders. Since it is our midfield that been our biggest weakness this year, this augers well for a more creative and attacking style for the rest of the season. (Although, whether this attacking lineup can prove as hardworking as last year's twin terriers (Nakamura and Yoshimura) remains to be seen.)) Santos' ability to play both side back and midfield may well prove useful as it will allow Pixie to change the pattern of play without having to use too many substitutes in doing so.

First Half Lineup
Koichi Hirono
Akira Takeuchi, Milos Bajalica, Maya Yoshida, Alex Santos
Keiji Tamada, Naoshi Nakamura, Yoshizumi Ogawa, Magnum
Igor Burzanovic, Joshua Kennedy

Second Half Lineup
Toru Hasegawa
Hayuma Tanaka, Milos Bajalica, Takahiro Masukawa, Shohei Abe
Tomohiro Tsuda, Keiji Yoshimura, Kei Yamaguchi, Alex Santos
Igor Burzanovic, Yuki Maki
Scorer: Tanaka 87

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