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Friday, 18 February 2011

Formation Battles Loom Ahead for Grampus

Here are what are likely to be our starting lineups for the first few games of the season, until Dani is back from injury towards the end of May. Jungo Fujimoto and Yoshizumi Ogawa will be battling it out for the regular slot, but both should benefit from the fact that they will be strong rivals in a season where we will need rotate players in some key positions. (You can decide for yourselves whether this 4-3-3, as the club insists, or 4-5-1.)

Lineup with Ogawa in MF
Lineup with Yoshizumi in central midfield
NGEstamen Fujimoto
Lineup with Fujimoto alongside Naoshi
The formation images come courtesy of Teppei at the Rising Sun News, who has developed a system that makes it relatively easy to generate them. Expect to see a few more over the coming days as I add information about some the lineups we have seen in the practice games.


Tiago Bontempo said...

Aren't the fullbacks inverted?
I'd call this formation a 4-3-3, but it depends on the positioning of the wingers/wide forwards. If they play deep, it will more likely seem a 4-5-1.
I think Fujimoto has an edge over Ogawa, let's see who gets to play in the matches. Anyway, the squad has better options than last year in my opinion.

Red Orca said...

Yes, inverted full backs or no, the squad does have more options than last year. However, even last year Tamada was dropping back deep and playing as much in midfield as up front.

If Nagai adapts quickly, then we could easily see Nagai, Kennedy, Tamada and Kanazaki all in a starting lineup. 4-2-4 anyone?

As for Ogawa and Fujimoto, we are likely to need both of them playing well if we are to capture the League title and the ACL.