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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Young Grampi Advance to Emperor's Cup 1/4 Finals

The Grampus youngsters manage something their senior colleagues could not this year. A win over Albirex Niigata.
OK, they needed penalties after extra time to do so, but they eventually emerged victorious and players like Genta Matsuo and Tatsuya Arai will have gained invaluable experience and confidence. This was a hard earned win, which saw Niigata comeback from an Alex Santos early goal to force the game into penalties after 120 minutes.

Grampus Lineup
Yoshinari Takagi
Genta Matsuo, Mitsuru Chiyotanda (Tastuya Arai HT), Akira, Takeuchi, Alex Santos
Sho Hanai, Keiji Yoshimura (Ryota Isomura 63'), Taishi Taguchi
Keita Sugimoto (Hikaru Kuba 63'), Yuki Maki, Koji Hashimoto

Read Akiko Ito's usual excellent article in the Chunichi Sports here. (Japanese)

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