Sunday, 22 August 2010

Grampus Go Five Points Clear

In a week that saw his tactical acumen exposed as still lacking that of a great manager, Pixie proves he has motivational skills are more than up to the job. The team bouncing back from the 0-4 debacle in midweek, to win 3-1 over one of the best teams in the league.

As Shimizu and Kashima stumble again, we earn a comfortable win over Gamba to move five points ahead of Cerezo Osaka, who are now in second place, ahead of the faltering Antlers and S-Pulse on goal difference. Goals from Nakamura, Danilson and Kennedy sinking the blue half of Osaka.

Seigo Narazaki
Hayuma Tanaka, Akira Takeuchi , Tulio, Shohei Abe
Danilson, Naoshi Nakamura (Alex Santos 86), Yoshizumi Ogawa (Keita Sugimoto 83’), Magnum
Josh Kennedy, Keiji Tamada (Igor Burzanovic 73)

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