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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Gamba to Sneak It?

Alan has his blue-tinted specs in full working order it seems. :-)

Tokyo and S-Pulse fans should forgive me for not considering them too much in this equation but I think it's down to Frontale, Antlers and Gamba to either win it or allow the others to take it. These three SHOULD take the ACL spots, though. But who will make it to the top on the final day? A first-time Champion in Kawasaki? Or a three-peat for Antlers? Or will Gamba pull back those four points and take it!!?

Let's take a look.....

This weekend sees the teams enter the fray with four games left and 12 points to play for. Kashima are home to Montedio who are now safe and will have little to motivate them now that the pressure is off. If Kashima don't win this one, they won't deserve the title! Frontale will finish off JEF, who are not quite mathematically down so just might give it all and surprise the top team! But it's doubtful! Gamba take on Kyoto and should take the points... if they don't the title will probably be out of reach, unless both Kashima and Kawasaki both lose today - an unlikely scenario!

Three games to go and Kawasaki have an away day at already relegated Oita. The pressure being off them Trinita MIGHT see them score a win and upset the apple cart! Kashima away at mid-table Ktoto, who have nothing to play for should see maximum points for Antlers, while Gamba are away at S-Pulse. Gamba need to win that to stave off S-Pulse, open up a gap and push for the final games. A defeat here for Gamba will see them finished in the hunt for the Championship, and have their ACL spot in danger, also.

The penultimate game MIGHT see a winner already, but, of course the powers-that-be in the J.League will be hoping for a last day finale. Kashima Antlers v. Gamba Osaka will kill off one or the other, or may kill off both if they draw and Frontake beat Albirex. But ALbirex will be still going for that 3rd ACL position and will pull out all the stops!

The final game sees Kashima Antlers away at Urawa Reds who will be playing for pride.... Kawasaki Frontale are away in Kashiwa, who will probably be relegated already and nothing to play for? Gamba entertain JEF, who will also be in J2 by then ? It looks as if Kashima have the toughest final hurdle.

It's going to go down to the wire??!! :-)

Let's play a little game here..... here's what it looks like going into the game this weekend, with four games to go...

Kawasaki Frontale 55 +22
Kashima Antlers 54 +13
Gamba Osaka 51 +15
Shimizu S-Pulse 50 +12
F.C.Tokyo 49 +9

... and here are the predictions.... Nov.8th

Kashima 3-0 Montedio
FC Tokyo 1-0 Reds
Frontake 4-0 JEF
Gamba 4-1 Kyoto
Kashiwa 0-3 S-Pulse

... then we'll have...

Kawasaki Frontale 58 +26
Kashima Antlers 57 +16
Gamba Osaka 54 +18
Shimizu S-Pulse 53 +15
F.C.Tokyo 52 +10

... Nov.21st ...

S-Pulse 1-2 Gamba
Kyoto 1-2 Antlers
JEF 1-3 FC Tokyo
Oita 1-1 Frontale

... giving us...

Kashima Antlers 60 +17
Kawasaki Frontale 59 +26
Gamba Osaka 57 +19
F.C.Tokyo 55 +12
Shimizu S-Pulse 53 +14

... Nov.28th/29th

Antlers 1-2 Gamba
Frontale 1-2 Albirex
FC Tokyo 1-1 Vissel
Marinos 2-1 S-Pulse

... so, with one game to go it looks like this...

Gamba Osaka 60 +20
Kashima Antlers 60 +16
Kawasaki Frontale 59 +25
F.C.Tokyo 56 +12
Shimizu S-Pulse 53 +13

and, so, down to the last game of the season.....


Reds 4-1 Antlers
Reysol 0-4 Frontale
Niigata 2-2 FC Tokyo
Gamba 5-2 JEF
S-Pulse 0-2 Nagoya

.... so the final table looks like this - really - place your bets NOW!

Gamba Osaka 63 +23
Kawasaki Frontale 62 +29
Kashima Antlers 60 +13
F.C.Tokyo 57 +12
Shimizu S-Pulse 53 +11

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