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Monday, 4 May 2009

Honda Going Walkabout?

The Japan Times reports that former Grampus midfielder Keisuke Honda may be on the move at the end of the Dutch season.

Eighteen months ago, we would have been happy to see him back at Grampus. However, after his lazy performances in his last few games for the team, and for the Olympic team, we are not quite so keen today. Honda could well be a disruptive influence, since he has become somewhat arrogant, assuming he deserves to be in a team regardless of how he plays. However, he is a skillful player, and can defend reasonably well, if he makes the effort to do so, and would help ease the team's lack of creativity when Magnum is out injured. We suspect that he will be eying a move to another team in Europe, but if he come back to Japan, Nagoya should at least show an interest.

Update, May 11. It looks like Wolfsburg may be about to add to their collection of Japanese misfits. Japan Star Keisuke Honda On Wolfsburg Radar

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