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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Grampus to Host Gifu at Toyota Stadium, 22 Feb

Nagoya are to host FC Gifu at Toyota Stadium on February 22nd. This will be one the few pre-season matches that will be open to the public. (Although, it will not be free.)
Official Grampus Press release (Japanese)

This is likely to be our best chance to judge how the team will do this year, before the season starts. Since Grampus will be playing two ACL games in March, in addition to two Nabisco Cup games and a handful of league games, I do not expect the team to have an arduous pre-season, so we are unlikely to see many other warm-up games.


Anonymous said...

There seems to be a long-standing tradition that no comments should be submitted. Is this actually a rule, or only a custom? Either way, I appreciate what you are doing here.

Red Orca said...

Thanks for the appreciation, and comments (and suggestions) are welcome.

There is no rule against comments being submitted, they are just moderated and need to be approved. (This is mainly to stop spammers, who abuse some other Japanese Grampus blogs.) There are a few comments, but I think the lack of instant feedback deters people.