Thursday, 6 November 2008

Gamba Canter Past Outclassed Socceroos

Without ever having to move out of second gear, Gamba Osaka cruised to a comfortable 3-0 over Adelaide United last night to take a big step towards securing their first Asian Champions League title. This first leg of the final was so one-sided that it is hard to see Adelaide managing a home win, let alone overcome the three goal deficit. Indeed the only question arising from last night's performances is, how on earth did the Kashima Antlers manage to lose to such a weak team?

Gus Fielding's take in the Japan Times:
And the Gomiuri also had a reporter watching on TV. :-)

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Kobe Samurai said...

Gamba never seemed to get out of 2nd gear until a little excitement near the end when they could have had two or three more goals.... Endo's free kick was harshly ruled out, in my opinion... Roni DID go for the ball but didn't get it AND didn't get in the way of the keeper? On the other hand, he was "active" in the fact that he went for it and got close? One of those decisions that could have gone wither way.... thank goodness it wasn't an important decision in the long run?