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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Urawa Youth Trample Young Grampi Underfoot

In a one-sided Takamadonomiya Cup final at Saitama Stadium, Urawa Youth crushed Grampus U-18s 9-1. It seems unlikely that any of the defenders from this age group will be challenging for a place on the Grampus squad. Urawa were better in every department, even their 'keeper Shibata managed to make a good save, despite being a spectator for most of the game, to deny Okumura. In particular, Naoki Yamada, Genki Haraguchi and Shunki Takahashi

It just goes to show how uneven the standard is at this level. Urawa were in a different class in all areas, yet this was the third year in a row that the Grampus U-18s have got to the last four. (They have reached the final twice.) I hope the Reds try and bring their youngsters through to the first team, rather than signing all and sundry. Their youngsters on show today deserve to be given a decent chance.

1 comment:

Alan said...

Now THAT would be good.... more Jaopanese youth to be given a chance, less foreign no-namers!!